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The foundation of dance! Classes include traditional barre and center work designed to build a strong, beautiful, graceful, and healthy body with fine posture and poise.  Students will learn proper body alignment, balance, precise footwork, and arm placement while increasing flexibility and strength. For a student to make appropriate progress in other dance forms, the study of ballet is necessary.

Ballet levels include Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Attire: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, & Hair in a Ballet Bun


(By Invitation Only)

Pointe class concentrates on the transference of Ballet steps from Demi-Pointe to Pointe. It is introduced only when a dancer has developed significant strength in the feet and legs necessary for this discipline. Permission is needed by the instructor for the admission into Pointe class.

Attire: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Pointe Shoes, & Hair in a Ballet Bun

Hip Hop


This class is a fun, yet challenging class which trains the body and mind to learn intricate moves while improving the student's coordination and musicality. This class learns choreography as well as the concept of free-styling. Hip hop is evolved and diverse and has captured and transformed the dance world. Influenced by the choreographers who mold it, hip hop can be funky, smooth, hard-hitting, crazy, and just about anything. Students will have fun letting loose, learning and exploring choreography, including new and old styles and techniques.  We welcome students to just come in and DANCE!


Attire: Top and Bottom that are easy to dance in. Sneakers are required.



This class showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. The dancer will learn strong technical skills such as flexibility, isolations, and coordination while executing big leaps and turns. Jazz dance encompasses many styles and techniques that have evolved over the years. Jazz class includes full body conditioning, progressions, center work, style and choreography.

Ballet is highly recommended for dancers in this class.


Attire: Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Black Jazz Pants, Tan Jazz Shoes, & Hair in a Ponytail

Jazz/Tap Combo


Our Tap students will explore the fundamental steps of tap dance, learn tap terminology and develop the ability to maintain correct body placement. While developing skills, focusing on clarity of sounds and increasing speed, our dancers are challenged through improvisational exercises, intricate rhythms and footwork in order to fully express their love for this style.

Attire Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Black Dance Pants, Black Tap Shoes, & Hair in a Ponytail or Ballet Bun



Lyrical/Contemporary combines elements of ballet, modern, and Jazz techniques. This dance style requires strong technique as well as emotional execution to the lyrics of the music. For beginner level dancers a ballet background is required before taking this class. 

Jazz is highly recommended as well. 

Attire: Leotard, Tan Tights, Ballet or Lyrical shoes, & Hair should be put back neatly away from face



A form of theatre that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. This style combines both the fine arts of ballet and modern dance as well learning to enhance their memories while learning specific dialogues for their performances.  Musical Theatre is the dominant mode of dramatic art.

Attire Black leotard, Pink or Tan Tights, Dance Shorts or Pants, Jazz Shoes and Character Shoes

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