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Registration Fees
1 CHILD         $75

2 CHILDREN   $100
3 CHILDREN   $125
4 CHILDREN   $150


Toddler, Preschool, Kinder, Petite, Mini $83/month


Primary, Junior 2 hours a week $127/month


Tee, Senior 3 hours a week $165/month

Jazz, M

1 hour a week $75/month

Ballet Foundations

1 hour a week $75/month

Hip Hop*

1 hour a week $75/month


1 hour a week $75/month

Jazz/Tap Combo*

1 hour a week $75/ month


1 hour a week $75/month

CDS Fees 23-2024.png

*If registered in ballet classes, tuition will be $5 off
** Must be registered in a technique class

All missed classes, either from cancellation by the studio or the dancer unable to attend their class, can be made up with any class that is the level of the dancer or lower. No refunds or reimbursements will be made for any missed dance classes. Please contact the studio to schedule your makeup class if your dancer has missed one of their classes.

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